Perkins E.T Boye

Humanitarian, Scholar, Community Mobilizer, and Activist.

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Perkins E.T Boye

Perkins E.T Boye

Perkins E.T Boye is a humanitarian, scholar, community mobilizer, and Activist. Born July 7, 1996, in a small city, pleebo, Maryland County. Studied Communication and Media Studies at the University of Liberia. Though from a poor family, he never allowed the burden of poverty to eliminate his ambition to work in serving humanity and achieving his life’s goal.

In 2016, he founded Improve Liberia Foundation Inc. A local charity that helps enroll underprivileged children in school, including those with disability. Himself being disabled since age four, he has used his work and advocacy to change the perception of how society classified persons with disability in his native country. In 2019, he founded and serves as first President of the University of Liberia Association of Students with disability. He helped the Ministry of Education formulate an inclusive education sector plan, by providing his expertise and experiences, that will provide equal access for students with disability

In 2021, Perkins received the Jonathan P. Hicks Scholar Award from the department of communications and Media Studies at the University of Liberia,¬† because of his essay reflecting on the role of the Liberian Media in strengthening Democracy. Barely a year before, Perkins received the “Future Leader Award” from the Association of Dreams Builders in collaboration with the city of Paynesville and was named Ambassador against illicit drugs.

Perkins’s parents were unfortunate to acquire education. He loves his illiterate mother, Cecelia Boye, who has made all the sacrifices to see him obtain education. Rev. A Kwretus Boye, Perkins father earned his first degree in 2016 at age 52. This has made Perkins so passionate about helping other children enrolled in school early.

He is a believer in the Liberian Dream, Liberia will rise, is a word he always uses as a symbol of patriotism. As a youth leader, he has been an inspiration to many young people including those with higher standard.